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Target Development

Free printable targets for training and equipment setup.

Khang Effi­cient Zeroing Target

Maximum zeroing efficiency from one sheet of paper.

  • Has multiple target zones that are calibrated for size, so less setup and more shooting.

  • Optimized for pistol and rifle red dots and scopes.

  • Allows you to set a 50 yard rifle zero on a 25 yard shooting range and easily validate scope to target alignment at distance. 

  • Designed to be highly visible with Eotech reticles, Aimpoint, or similar 2 MOA dots. 

  • Download instructions for full information. 

Latest release version 1.1

Read the instruction sheet first.

Recommended version. 

Khang Pistol Trigger Proficiency Target

If you're learning pistol shooting, one of your first challenges will be mastering trigger control. This target tests the shooter on their ability to control the trigger through the entire press process. This drill is designed to be shot at the beginning of a range session to gauge proficiency, check for equipment issues, and allow the trigger focus to follow through for the rest of the range session. Features a very challenging 1/2" bullseye for seasoned shooters and built in RDS compensation. Download instructions for full details.

Latest release version 1.21

Read the instruction sheet first.

Recommended version. Other versions also available.

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