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Classes We Offer

Our focus at Mountain Tribe Development is to teach regular people to become proficient at firearms safety and usage in the context of self defense. That pushes us to work hard on developing strong concealed carry handgun skills and refining them with force on force and other training methods. We also host other classes as well, check out our class list to see what we have to offer you.

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Interested in something not listed or want more information? Use the form below or email us at

NC Concealed Carry Class - $59

  • Being prepared with a firearm starts with concealed carry. You don't get to pick when/where bad things happen to you, you only get to choose when you're prepared for it.

  • This class is ideal for beginners as it is tailored as an introductory course.

  • No gear needed, equipment can be rented if student does not own any.

  • We offer group discounts and private classes. Check our registration page for current classes or check our scheduling page for information on scheduling your own class.

1-on-1 sessions - $50/hr

  • Personalized training from certified Master Firearms Instructor Khang.

  • Are you new to firearms or have you reached a plateau in your skill set? 1 on 1 sessions are the best way to quickly identify learning areas and bring your skills to where they need to be.

Handgun lvl 1 - $89 (Early registration price. $109 after deadline)

  • The concealed carry class primarily deals with the legalities of use of lethal force in self defense. Handgun lvl 1 picks up where it leaves off and advances handgun knowledge.

  • We begin every class by going over our emergency procedure and learn how to use tourniquets, chest seals, and other first aid tools.

  • We learn about drawing from the holster, shooting fundamentals, malfunction drills, the psychology of a gunfight, and wrap it up with a simulated violent encounter in force on force.

  • Mastery of proper fundamentals is critical. Small class sizes allow us to give you individual attention to fix errors and instruct in correct methods.

  • Students will need to bring a handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition, 2 magazines, and a proper holster.

Handgun lvl 2 - $89 (Early registration price. $109 after deadline)

  • We push past the basic fundamentals and start working on performance. Speed, accuracy, threat awareness, and movement are the focus of lvl 2. 

  • Students will have to have already completed the lvl 1 course or similar. 

  • We will begin working speed and accuracy drills such as the Bill Drill and The Test/10-10-10. We will also run timed versions of real life defensive shoots such as Jack Wilson and Eli Dickens.

  • We will be shooting through barricades, moving to cover, and discussing ballistic effects on vehicles.

  • We will wrap the class up with a force on force session to test what we've learned in a simulated violent encounter. 

  • Students will need to bring a handgun, 250 rounds of ammunition, 3 spare magazines, and a proper holster.

Carbine Rifle Class- $89 (Early registration price. $109 after deadline)

  • Modern carbines such as the AR and AK platforms are commonplace but few people take the time to get proper training with them.

  • We begin every class by going over our emergency procedure and learn how to use tourniquets, chest seals, and other first aid tools.

  • We will discuss rifle zero distances, proper equipment selection and setup, ballistic effect on vehicles and barriers, and comparison to pistols.

  • We will learn proper handling and technique with carbines, run timed shooting drills, shoot through barricades and vehicles, and usage of cover and concealment. 

  • Students will need to bring a semi auto carbine (AR, AK, 5.56/7.62/9mm), 3 magazines, rifle sling, and a zeroed optic or iron sights. Contact us if you need to schedule time ahead of class to zero your weapon.

Precision Rifle Class- $79 (Early registration price. $99 after deadline)

  • Come try our 300 yard range in this intro level precision rifle class. 

  • We will be learning about shooting scoped rifles including proper shooting technique, equipment setup, MIL and MOA reticles, ranging targets, ballistic calculators, and shooting positions.

  • You will work together as a team to locate targets at distance and communicate specific target identification. 

  • Students will need to bring a scoped rifle (bolt action or semi auto), 100 rounds of ammunition, and a zeroed optic. Contact us if you need to schedule time ahead of class to zero your weapon.

Interested in something not listed here? Contact us and we can help.
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