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What is Mountain Tribe Development?


Our fundamental mission is to make defensive and safety training easy and accessible to average every day people. It is our core belief that when people have the quality skills and equipment to protect themselves and their loved ones, our communities become a safer place. 

We offer the following:

  • Firearms training

  • First aid training

  • Cybersecurity training

  • Home, business, and church security training

  • Developing free training tools for instructors and students alike

Who is Instructor Khang?


I'm a certified Master Firearms Instructor whose day job is working as a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer. I'm just a regular guy but my primary experience has been in defending the energy sector (nuclear, fossil, renewables), communications, and utilities through cybersecurity. I've been teaching firearms classes since 2016 and formally created Mountain Tribe Development in 2023. For selfish reasons I tailor my classes with one person in mind, myself. Specifically my much younger self who was unskilled, eager to learn, but didn't have the money to take classes or purchase any quality equipment. That's why making classes safe, professional, and affordable has been our #1 goal. 

Today I've taught thousands of students in North Carolina and from the surrounding states and have gotten the chance to train with many well respected local instructors and top national names. I hope you'll join us for a class sometime and see what we can offer you.

Instructor Khang has completed the following (click links below for more info):

Special thanks to Darrell Tom and KP Yang for their photos

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